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Username Staff Member Issued Action Reason
AIILex Toejamas 4 days ago Warning Active language
Toejamas AIILex 5 days ago Ban Expired Your toes are to big :)
Killerbird09 BigFatPikachu 9 days ago Kick none
GribbitsGames Killerbird09 9 days ago Warning Active none
Killerbird09 Toejamas 9 days ago Kick none
Toejamas AidanTheBandit 17 days ago Ban Expired Among Us
SuperNinjaPotato InsertUserName88 about 1 month ago Warning Active none
AxolotlOfMagic SuperNinjaPotato about 1 month ago Kick none
BigFatPikachu Tobiasdumy 2 months ago Kick stop
BigFatPikachu BigFatPikachu 2 months ago Kick welcome to knuts ville.