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BanditMC 1.16 Biggest Update!
Started by AidanTheBandit



20 Apr 1969
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28 Oct 2021

Hello everyone! Today I am so excited to announce the biggest update for BanditMC 1.16! BanditMC 1.16 is updating to 1.0! Below is a list of features coming in the update 

Detailed Features!

  • 9 Skills (Mining, Foraging, Farming, Fishing, Combat, ALchemy, Enchanting, Runecrafting and Taming)

  • Unlimited skill levels, setup the max quantity of levels that you want and plugin get adapt, this contains graphic interface!

  • ActionBar ! This shows Player's Information like Mana, Health and Defense.

  • +5 Collection Categories ! With more of +60 Collection Items and the capacity to add custom items!

  • Fairy Souls put souls arround all map with custom rewards!

  • Custom Enchanting Table!

  • Custom Crafting Table!

  • Custom Potions and Brewing Stand System!

  • Benefits when player level up (¡ Defense, Strength, Intelligence, Speed and more!)

  • Interactive Players Menus.

  • Menu Like Hypixel.

  • Add custom stats like health, mana, defense and more by a command!

  • Add custom rewards per each level of each skills or collections when player level up!

  • Add custom commands per each level of each skills or collections when player level up!

  • Pets with unlockable levels and rewards!

  • Ranking System!

  • Advanced Enchantments Support, now you can add enchantments from AE to hyperenchantment table!

  • Trades System, Epic trade system with grapich interface!

  • Runetable use items with runes and get runecraft xp!

  • Custom XP Boosters!

  • And really lot,lot,lot more... better to see by yourself ;)


    We can make this all possible because of your generous donations! Now we can afford more plugins like Hyp1xel Core! Thank you for your continued support!


public class Homework extends MyLife {
    public static String[] homeworkList = {"English", "Science", "History", "Math", "Creative Writing"};
    public static Boolean happy = false;
    if (homeworkList.contains("English" + “Math” + “History”)) {
        happy = false;
    } else {
        happy = true;
AidanTheBandit · 6 months ago