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Update 5 Event

BanditMC Update 5 is coming out soon! We will be releasing on December 5th, 2021! There will be a huge event and a special new surprise! There will be a event on discord so be sure to be there! Here is the link! [Discord](

BanditMC Update 5

The Countdown until Update 5 comes out!

Ending an Era
8 days ago

Hello everyone.

It is with a heavy heart to announce the end of Bedrock support for BanditMC. Though it has been great playing with all of you mobile, console, and other players BanditMC can no longer support bedrock without sacrificing hours of work to make it feel like the Java experience. BanditMC will officially turn off all crossplay servers on December 6. It has been a pleasure playing with you! The forums will also sadly be ending Bedrock signups to ensure the reduction of fake/spam accounts. You guys are welcome to stay in the discord and for those of you that still have a forum account, you can keep it.

And it is with that I say goodbye bedrock!

New Christmas Items and Tradeables!
9 days ago

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce the first line of cosmetics coming to BanditMC! The pack features many new items and tags like:

  1. New Hats!
  2. Limited Edition Christmas 2021 Tag
  3. Santa Hat
  4. And new tradeables!

Here is a sneak peek below!

BanditMC is now hiring Artists and Builders!
19 days ago

Hello everyone!

BanditMC is now hiring Artist and Builders as a volunteer role!

Requirements for Artist:

  1. You must either know Pixel Art or Digital art (We really need pixel art right now!)
  2. You must have at least a little bit of experience (~1 year)
  3. You can NOT leak any art early without permission!
  4. You must have a portfolio (You can easily make one with Google Docs or Google Sites)
  5. You must also be able to finish projects in a timely manner (1 to 2 weeks)
  6. You should have a decent knowledge of te...
Forum Temporary Change
about 1 month ago

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed the forum has temporarily changed to the default template so we can fix some things with the normal template. This change is temporary and the old look will be back soon. For now we will have it look like this. I would put it in maintenance but I need to continue giving server updates some how so I will not be turning on maintenance. Sorry!

Thanks for your corporation!


BanditMC Update 5!
about 1 month ago

Hello Everyone!

Today I am so excited to announce BanditMC Update 5!

This update will bring a entire network remake! All new maps and minigames with so much more. 

Here is the first thing on our list:

```Survival updates!

Survival is getting completely reworked with new custom quests, mobs, items, textures, and more! We are currently working on new ganmeplay mechanics that no other server has ever used before! We are positive that all of you will love to explore new bioms, seasons, bosses, and challanges!


Next up lets hear about Player servers!

```Player Servers getting added to BanditMC!

Hello. I am sure that everyone knows about Hypixel...

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