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Forum Temporary Change
4 hours ago

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed the forum has temporarily changed to the default template so we can fix some things with the normal template. This change is temporary and the old look will be back soon. For now we will have it look like this. I would put it in maintenance but I need to continue giving server updates some how so I will not be turning on maintenance. Sorry!

Thanks for your corporation!


BanditMC Update 5!
4 days ago

Hello Everyone!

Today I am so excited to announce BanditMC Update 5!

This update will bring a entire network remake! All new maps and minigames with so much more. 

Here is the first thing on our list:

```Survival updates!

Survival is getting completely reworked with new custom quests, mobs, items, textures, and more! We are currently working on new ganmeplay mechanics that no other server has ever used before! We are positive that all of you will love to explore new bioms, seasons, bosses, and challanges!


Next up lets hear about Player servers!

```Player Servers getting added to BanditMC!

Hello. I am sure that everyone knows about Hypixel...

Hardware change! Complete
about 1 month ago

Hello everyone. We have successfully changed all of the hardware to revivenode! What does this mean? All of our games now run 2x faster! We have gotten some major gamemodes back online. Here are some things we are still working on fixing (Please stop spamming staff about these)

  1. Lobby NPC status bug
  2. Ranks not syncing
  3. Suffixes may not work
  4. Server restarts
  5. Maintenence online

BanditMC Sky update!

BanditMC SKy is almost here. We have almost finished the chapter one storyline and plugins are almost ready. Now we just have to build some maps and get the gamemode out so you guys can enjoy (We really hope you enjoy). We will be rele...

Hardware change!
2 months ago

Hello everyone. 

Today I am so happy to announce that BanditMC is switching hardware this weekend. What will this mean for you? Less lag and more gamemodes! BanditMC is also working on its own Minecraft client with well know and custom mods for quality of life changes in your favorite games like Kingdoms (Coming Today), Skyblock (Coming estimated July 2024), Survival, and [Redacted (Will be anounced soon)]. We hope you guys are super excited about these changes. We will also be adding a live chat room to the website for general discussions. The discord embed will be removed because of too many bugs. 

5 months ago

Hello everyone! This is Mango speaking on Aidan’s account (his password was very week). Just wanted to let you know that I am your new leader from now on! Nothing can stop me. Not even technoblade. And don’t even bother this the resistance  they are a scam (hopefully. No one can stop the all powerful Mango! Anyways that’s it. Enjoy your life while you still can!


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